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The IIFM Alumni Network Committee is a student body which works under the framework of the Students and Alumni Affairs Council. We strive to develop and foster connections among alumni, current students, faculty and management laying the platform for all stakeholders to share knowledge, gain focus, improve and develop. We work to stimulate interaction and maintain support mechanisms for Alumni networking. The Committee facilitates continuous interaction of Alumni with the Institute in the interest of sustaining the Institute's ability to maintain a commitment par excellence.

To understand us better, please read on:

We are a machine of time travel. We give some people the nostalgic feel of yesterday, while to others we give the thrilling promise of tomorrow. It is our endeavor to sweeten one's today with the right sprinkling of the memories of yesterday and the hope for tomorrow. To strengthen these bonds and render them timeless, to help people have careers planned better and memories rendered fresher; that is our mandate.

To do our task better, and to help those who would like to utilize this platform to connect or reconnect, we have revitalized and overhauled this website dedicated to the purpose of fulfilling our mandate.

We hope that our alumni will continue to aid us through their cooperation, and that we can be of use to them.



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